I recently purchased this house which has a raised concrete patio in the rear that has a large depression in the middle probably 4' wide by 6' long. You can see the cracks in the concrete where the water settles (picture below). I assume this is due to the material that is underneath from the original construction of the house breaking down and the concrete settling. So I am looking for options other than replacing the whole thing. Possibly filling the area with some type of self leveling top coat or something. Any thoughts would be appreciated.enter image description here

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A self leveling cement may reduce the standing water but if the pad has no wire mesh or rebar it may continue to settle. I would acid etch the surface and rinse then use the self leveling cement . after that I would probably epoxy coat the entire surface to try and seal it. the more water that gets into the cracks the more it will settle. I use a 10-30% Muriatic acid and water solution. Remember to always add acid to water. Muriatic acid can be purchased at most home stores and pool supply stores.


You can get a Mud Jacking company to pump in their foam. This would fill any voids beneath & also raise the concrete back to level. Or, drill holes every 2-feet & pour in a cement slurry to stabilize everything below. To then, apply a Concrete Resurfacer to the entire patio, first leveling off the depression. Resurfacer is applied in 1/4-inch layers for this type of correction.

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