I bought a new propane tank (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Bernzomatic-20-lb-Empty-Propane-Tank-309791/202034840) and had it filled up, then used it on two separate days to fuel a weed burner torch. Worked fine. The last use was last Sunday, just a few days ago. I went to fire up the weed burner again today and nothing came out of the tank. No gas, and no hissing sound when the valve is first opened. I can open the valve all the way and stick my nose right against the tank's outlet and I don't smell any gas coming out at all.

There's clearly propane still in there because the tank's heavy and I can both hear and feel it sloshing around if I give the tank a shake. What could be the problem?


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Open the tank supply valve very slowly and make sure the weed burner valve is closed when you do it. I mean if you think you are opening it slowly you are still opening it too fast. Some of these newer tanks have a safety feature that cuts back on flow if high flow is detected.

You may also have a tank with a defective valve, if the above method does not work, take it and exchange it for a different tank at one of those places that will trade a filled tank for an empty.

It could also be your weed burner valve, a lot of those weed burners are lame Chinese pieces of crap. Try it on an alternate appliance like a camp stove or BBQ.

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    I have had the same issue with grills and new tanks, if you open the tank with the burner open a little or sometimes even not at all, an internal tank cutoff stops flow. Close the valve on the tank and wait a minute, make sure the valve on the appliance is all the way closed, then open it really slowly again.
    – Jeff Meden
    Mar 25, 2016 at 1:42

I had a simular issue with a griill. i turned off valves disconnected the propane hose with the hose off i turned burner nozzles to high and depressurized the system i waited a few minutes closed all nozzles and connected propane again then slowly turned burners on and it works now


Make sure the black screw on valve from the hose is very tight. If it is only lightly hand tightened it may not be opening the safety valve.

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