I have a clay cleanout pipe, with bell, in my side yard. There is no type of cover and I want to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside. Does anyone know of a way I can cover it while still allowing periodic access and not damaging the pipe in anyway? I've looked online and at Lowe's for rubber caps but nothing fits the exterior 9.25"-9.5" perimeter.

Thanks, Adam


A big stone is very good. Or, a 12x12 or small concrete paver from the store will also work great. Or, you may find smaller metal (you need UV proof) trash can lids at the store. A rock can go on top of the lid or a rock can be attached or hung from the lid inside the pipe. Or, you can get some concrete or cement mix & make your own custom cap.

  • Would a concrete paver provide enough of a seal to keep mosquitoes out? They can fit through very small places. – adam Mar 25 '16 at 19:35
  • It depends on how flat the pipe is, but yes if they match. But, you could caulk the paver down or put a thin weather-stripping on the pipe's end to create a perfect seal. A snug fitting plastic lid from a coffee container or gallon bucket or a cut-down bucket. Really whatever works, the paver would just be the paperweight & won't care about wind, UV rays or weather. – Iggy Mar 25 '16 at 19:48

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