I gutted my house and have yet to get an outlet wired in by my water softener. I still use hot water on occasion while I'm at the house so I want to make sure the water is still softened to avoid deposits in my water heater, pipes, and faucets. Based on my understanding of how water softeners work, I should be able to run an extension cord to it once a week or so to recharge it, and then can leave it unplugged otherwise, correct? There is no other reason it would need to be plugged in when it's not recharging?

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Correct, no "real" problem at all. But, of course, a timer activated recharge won't work, you'll have to start the recharge manually by advancing the timer.

  • Perfect, thanks. I can recharge my water softener on demand which makes it pretty trivial.
    – w.brian
    Mar 22, 2016 at 14:53

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