I have concrete block paving and concrete slabs that I would like to paint to reuse, renovate, rejuvenate. Any suggestions whether painting would do the trick? The block paving is in the driveway taking a car, slabs are for foot traffic.


Inside, the painting would work & should last 10-years before needing to be scraped of bubbles, peels & cracks before a repainting. But, down the long road it'll need to be completely stripped off & re-done, which is a huge pain. But outdoors, no, I haven't seen a paint or paint re-surfacer last very long at all & they fail miserably.

You'd probably be much better off with something like this that actually soaks into the surface to become part of the surface. Scroll down to just above Reviews & to the right side in order to check out the numerous real world pictures.

The garage floor & its driveway apron I did at my old place came out like veiny leather & looked amazing. The real benefit is you just keep re-applying clear sealer, every 5 or more years for me (I only did an early 2nd time for re-sale), so there's no color matching & the stain beneath doesn't lighten nor deteriorate.

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    I have used acid stain on new cement patio's with really good results but on older stained areas with car traffic I have had better luck with 2 part epoxy paint. The epoxy paint will hold up a little better to car traffic. If you decide on epoxy paint make sure it is the 2 part made for outdoor / garage use. The indoor stuff peals did not hold up well under the tire path area. Prior to painting a acid etch is needed. My shop has 3 bays that were done on 04 still look great even out on the outside apron. I think the sealer on acid stain will need to be done every couple of years with cars. – Ed Beal Mar 14 '16 at 22:41
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    Yeah, I'm not a big fan on the single can paints. Like you, I've seen the "claims" fall very short of the mark. I haven't used a 2-part epoxy though & your situation sounds great, that's a nice long time. In my case the 2 garage bays were separated so it was very easy to just plop down another sealer coat. But, after 5-years, inside & out, there was only a very slight difference where the tires traveled, virtually unnoticeable. – Iggy Mar 14 '16 at 22:52
  • was this a new garage? I have had some minor problems with old rust stains showing on a patio with acid stain but it still looked 10000% better and way more color choices.+ – Ed Beal Mar 14 '16 at 22:58
  • Actually, 1 was 1-year old, a massive air compressor's weight broke up the 1-inch thick slab pretty bad. And the other was 80-years old & after an incredible amount of scraping, scrubbing & oven cleaner it came out almost identical to the new slab. Of course, there were veining differences, but you'd be hard pressed to tell which was which. – Iggy Mar 14 '16 at 23:09
  • After, iggys response it may be cheaper and look better than epoxy paint.+ to iggy – Ed Beal Mar 15 '16 at 1:52

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