I would like to find some kind of tubing, piping, or hose that I can both make longer and shorter, but just as importantly, with a material that even when expanded doesn't 'slag' down, that the material is strong enough to extend horizontally a couple of feet without need of an intermediate support; such as the slinky pop tubing as seen in the video:


Now there are lots of small diameter tubes such as the one in the video, but seem to be used for toys. I am hoping to find something more professional grade that can be contracted/expanded hundreds of times, has a few inch radius. A plus if I can send water through it.



  • Can you tell us the application? – Daniel Griscom Mar 12 '16 at 3:37

I use extendable rain-gutter downspout extension tubes during the rainy season. Very similar to your "pop-tube" but 3"-4" diameter heavy vinyl (and made to "send water through". They support their own weight reasonably well, but would sag if fully extended. If you only expanded some of the folds (like every 3rd fold?) it would increase rigidity.

enter image description here

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