I just moved to upstate NY area. I don't have too much experience with lawn but I know my lawn is terrible compared to my neighbors'.

I took this picture today. There are clearly some activities under my lawn. I think it is killing my lawn because the upper left area in the photo is grass-less before I moved in. What animals are those? How can I get rid of them? Picture 1

These holes below may not related to the first one because there wasn't any burrow. Just quarter size holes. What animal made these? enter image description here enter image description here

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    At least whatever is making those holes is leaving quarters behind. ;-) Mar 1 '16 at 18:19

Most likely moles are the culprits in the first photo. As has already been mentioned, moles forage for insects and larvae that dwell in the lawns top soil. They don't harm the grass when they dig. The soil that is moved is pushed behind them and remain under the lawn so the grass will continue growing. For a non-toxic repellent I've read of castor oil mix with water in a spray tank and applied to the ground keeps them at bay.

The second and third photo's showing the tunnel opening is probably a mole and not a gopher. The pocket gopher will collect the soil that it excavates when tunneling in a large cheek pouch and disperse it out side so it fan shaped. Gophers will destroy lawns, but I believe they haven't colonized in your neck of the woods.


Those look like mole runs under the sod. That is how they move around. They eat grubs and worms just under the root layer of the grass. Eliminate their food source and they will leave.

You can treat the lawn with grub killer or nematodes that kill the grubs. I have had these for years. They come and go but when I treat the lawn they seem to leave for a season.

Good luck!

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