I have a light on a pair of 3 way switches. I want to add 5 recessed cans to that circuit. It is currently set up with power at the light fixture and 14/3 wires ran from the fixture to both switches. Can I tie the other fixtures into this setup using 14/2 and running my wires parallel? If not, what would be a suggested way of doing it?


Yes. You'll connect the wires feeding to the next fixture, to the wires that feed the current light fixture.

Basically, you'll start with this...

basic 3-way wiring

Then you'll add the additional lights like this...

Additional light fixtures


  • I've excluded the grounding conductors to simplify the diagram, make sure you properly ground all the fixtures.
  • The black wire coming from the "3-way wiring" bubble, might actually be white, red, or some other color.
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