I just finished tiling the shower surround around my tub. I knew that the tub wasn't level when I started but it became more evident toward the end of tiling.

On one end of the tub, there is 1/8" gap between my tub and the tile. On the other end of the tub that gap expands to around 1/4" or more. I checked my tile and it's level all the way around—it's just my tub isn't.

I plan on caulking this gap but are there any special considerations for a gap that large?

Thank you

  • Often, folks will start tiling at the ceiling or at some arbitrary level and work downward, then cut tiles to fit against the tub. Is that not the case here? – isherwood Feb 15 '16 at 16:46
  • I started from the tub and worked up. This was my first shower surround tiling project. It turned out well but now I know why I should pick an arbitrary point and work down! – user2687 Feb 15 '16 at 17:00

No, except that you need a product that doesn't shrink much (or you need to pre-fill to minimize depth and shrinkage). Pure silicone is good, as is urethane (though urethane is very difficult to work with if you're inexperienced--it sticks to everything, including fingers, and stays stuck).

1/4" isn't unmanageable. Cut your tube at an angle, then trim the very tip flat:

| \
|  \
|   |
|   |

Apply the caulk with the cut parallel to the wall, and try to avoid any additional tooling.

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Some use a strategy of not caulking that gap at all, to avoid trapping water, rather letting it drain.

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