I ran wire for a ceiling mounted projector to my utility room. I have a server rack in the room with a surge protector. I would like to wire the exposed end with a plug in order to connect the projector to the surge protection provided in the server rack, as I do not have whole house surge protection. Is there a reason this would not be acceptable?

Outlet <--> wire through ceiling <--> out in unfinished room <--> male electrical plug <--> surge protector

Thank you


The best bet is to install an inlet where you're transitioning from cord to fixed wiring. You don't want to run flexible cords through walls/ceilings, so you'll want to find a way to avoid that.

enter image description here

So you'll end up with something as follows:

Surge protector -> male end plug -> cord -> female end -> inlet -> fixed wiring -> receptacle where projector can plug in.

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