I live in Ohio and have created a golf stimulator in my attached garage. The garage typically stays around 10 degrees warmer than the outside without wall insulation except the interior wall.

I can raise the temperature with a 4000 watt electric heater another 20 degrees. The ceiling and walls are all finished with drywall.

What will provide better heat retention? Insulating the walls would be a big project; one that I want to avoid. I weather stripped the exterior garage door and that helped quite a bit. I suspect the priority should be the ceiling, then the door.

  • I use a torpedo heater in my minnesota garage without insultation and it works fine. – John Peters Feb 14 '16 at 6:30
  • I have enough tools in the garage that I don't want to risk the moisture byproduct of the burning fuel rusting everything. Plus, dealing with the propane tanks is a pain. I also need to have a heater up on the ceiling, as I have two little ones. – Evil Elf Feb 14 '16 at 14:23

Insulating a garage door is really quite easy. There are kits on the market here in the UK but I just used cellotex (foam sheet) because I had some lying around. A steel door has even less insulation value than a drywall-lined ceiling.

I'd do the door first as the least effort to get a noticable return.

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Seeing as heat rises, and you don't want to get into the walls, I would recommend insulating your attic if you want maximum effect.

If the attic is not used for storage and is relatively easy to navigate, I would recommend:

  • cover any electrical boxes
  • install durovent panes if needed for existing soffit vents
  • stuff R30 at the base of the durovents to retain loose insulation
  • blow in insulation
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