My house used to use the basement for gas heat and the water heater that were using these, 3.5" and 5" ports in the chimney stack.

enter image description here

The whole chimney is no longer used but I want to keep the option of using it upstairs for a potbelly stove or such. In either case of not using it or maybe using it, how important is it to plug these holes and what should I use to plug them? E.g. some premade air duct plugs that fit or just patch it with brick pieces and mortar permanently? They will not be accessible soon as I plan to hang drywall at about where the camera was when the picture was taken.

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    I would use fire brick mortar to seal them up , you don't want any chance of back drafts caused by bathroom or kitchen fans making the house negative pressure and pulling the deadly CO , carbon monoxide into the living area. – Ed Beal Feb 13 '16 at 1:17
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    If you don't plug them, cold air, bugs, and other nasties will find the their way in. – Tester101 Feb 13 '16 at 1:18

Yes. In addition to the comments listed already, as heat rises in your house it can cause more cold air and moisture to enter through the holes.

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