In a bathroom I have a single 500w 240v electric baseboard heater, and AUBE/Honeywell TH305 digital line voltage single pole thermostat.

I noticed yesterday, that the display had gone blank. A quick check showed there was still power to the stat. I tried switching it with another one from another room with no luck.

I checked for power at the heater (which there was), and then tried switching the heater in case a faulty thermo sensor was the problem. Still no luck.

So now I have power at both the stat, and heater, but still a blank display...

All the other heaters in other rooms on the same circuit work fine.

So now what?? Could it be a voltage problem? If so, how was it working before? How would the voltage change??

Any help or input would be much appreciated!!

  • Changing the stat was the first thing I tried. I switched it with one that was working in the next room. The stat in question also worked fine in the next room...That's part of the mystery... – FYuhas Feb 4 '16 at 1:54

Sounds like a dead thermostat.

When it was working before, it hadn't died yet.

Why it died is likely to remain a mystery. Things don't live forever (neither do people - dragons might, per one song.)

Replace it.

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    Yeah, something inside the stat went belly up. – ThreePhaseEel Feb 3 '16 at 1:15

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