I have at least a 10 year old Goodman gas Furnance. The past couple of days the burner and blower did not come on. I do not see any indicator lights come on. The inducer comes on, but nothing else. I took the air pressure switch out and blew air into it and the air hose. I reinstalled the switch and everything worked fine. I've done this twice in two or three days.

My question is - does this seem like a faulty air pressure switch or is it an indication of a bigger problem? I can easily buy and swap out the switch which would tell me the answer, but before spending $25 on the switch - I thought I'd ask here.



It sounds like the switch is sticking, which is a sign that it's time to swap it out.

Before you do, though, make sure the exhaust and condensate drain aren't blocked/restricted.

$25 is a fairly cheap test, unless you have a gauge on hand to check the pressure.

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