I live in a trailer, so my sewer line is above ground, with the clean-out plug between 12" & 18" above ground. During the cold winter in arkansas the toilet paper tends not to flow. Each trailer , there are 12 in line with my trailer being #10. We all tie into the same drain line. When the line get clogs at trailer 11 and/or 12 the back-up from trailers 1 thru 10 tends to fill my bath tub & over flows my toilet. My question is.. Is there some sort of check valve or a flapper system i can install that will prevent the this from happening and still operate properly when the main line is flowing/draining correctly? Thanks to all who respond with any advise.


There are back flow preventers they cost about 50.00 and do keep others sewer from coming in. They need servicing on occasion but with a pair of rubber gloves are much easier to clean than your tub filling up.

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