I've asked this question before. Now I've posted some pictures as I can't figure out where I should clean. I don't smell propane. I tired lighting manually with a lighter and nothing. I know to turn the valve on, rotate the wheel to pilot. Push in and try igniter. It worked fine 6 months ago.

Any suggestions?pilot



  • Did you (or anybody else) turn off the gas valve on the supply? – Tester101 Jan 11 '16 at 19:38
  • I did close the valve when I shut off the pilot light originally. It was open when I attempted to light the pilot light. – David Jan 11 '16 at 19:41
  • I mean if you dont smell gas.. then there is no gas to light. Usually you press the knob in to allow pilot gas to run, and that is accompanied by a faint "hissing noise" for acoustic detection. If you neither hear hissing or smell gas near the pilot when presseing the knob inwards (pilot position) then the pilot valve is knackered or a valve is closed. Open valve position is when the knob is aligned with the pipe, closed when its crossed, like in your last picture. Cant you get a gas man in for a service? – Piotr Kula Jan 16 '16 at 18:42
  • I could. But if the hole where propane comes out of got jammed by something. I would prefer to fix it on my own then pay the service fee. Unless there is nothing I can do at which point I'll have no choice. – David Jan 16 '16 at 18:50
  • 1
    It works!! I blew into the hole again and this time you can really hear the gas coming Thanks for your help. – David Jan 16 '16 at 19:31

Blow into the gas pilot to unclog it.

Its definitely not a spider that crawled into it but possibly grease build up. You may want to consider fitting a gas oil filter for your system.

enter image description here

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If the gas main to the fireplace is on it should provide gas even if the thermocouple is bad. It is possible moisture in the line has plugged the small orifice or spiders have built a nest in that area. These are the things I usually find. The pilot is a very small flow I usually can’t hear them. Have you tried lighting with a match or lighter?

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  • No, I haven't tried to light it with a match or lighter, I guess I can give it a try. But if I'm not smelling gas (it's propane), maybe it's plugged up as you said. Any advice on how to clean the line? – David Jan 11 '16 at 19:49
  • the propane orifice usually in the regulator is a small disk with a very tiny hole, a fine wire pushed through the hole usually will clean it out if some crud gets in it. Most of the orifices I have worked on are brass. dont use a drill bit ir be really rough because if you enlarge the hole it will flow two much propane. – Ed Beal Jan 11 '16 at 21:18
  • on a fireplace it may be at the end of the line to the pilot. some are a disk on the outlet of the regulator, some look like a brass bolt when you look at it it will be very small hole, smaller than a paperclip size for propane I usually found a wire brush and pulled one of the wires out with pliers and used that to clear the ??? out of the hole. – Ed Beal Jan 11 '16 at 21:34
  • I will try to give it a clean, thanks for the reply. – David Jan 13 '16 at 19:10

I've discovered that when lighting a gas fueled appliance (water heater) that have a button-type valve that first must be pressed down it doesn't always lite on the first try This is especially true if the shut-off valve at the tank has been off for awhile. The gas line needs to fill and the line pressure is only 2 psi.

With the dial on "pilot" push and hold the button for several seconds. Now try to lite it while still pressing the button. It may take several attempts.

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  • thanks for the reply, I've actually tried this several times. I've held the pilot position pushed in for over 30 seconds and nothing. – David Jan 13 '16 at 19:10

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