I have a waste disposal, and what looks like a screw head, which is jammed in the waste disposal unit (an Insinkerator 55 if it matters).

enter image description here

This means as the machine is turned on, it makes a banging noise as the 'blades' hit it. I'd like to remove this obstacle but it's jammed tight.

The problem is, the angle. As per this image (red X shows where the screw is)

enter image description here

You can see, the sink is at the top and then insinkerator is below, but the angle of the hole means I'm limited to what I can get in. The screw head is fairly flush, I can't really 'grip' it with pliers and when I do, it doesn't really budge.

I have been whacking at it with a chisel and hammer, and it won't move (hoping to snap the metal) !

I've tried using a dremel tool and attempting to 'sand' or 'file' it away, but are there any other options for situations like this (other than replacing the entire unit).

I also don't seem to be able to take the unit apart so it appears as if my only option is from going in from the top!


In the end, I kept on sanding it down (sanding and cutting with a dremel) until it eventually became thin enough I could crack it (snap it) with a chisel.

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In case this happens to anyone else. I used a flathead to loosen around the screw just prying. Then I got a Phillips drill bit and put my hand in and unscrewed the screw.


Underneath the unit in the center is hole,unit should have Came with an Allen wrench. Power switch off insert Allen In center turn slightly until it moves then try prying Screw out,you may have to repeat steps a couple of Times.


Get yourself a flexible claw gripper to fish it out. It'll work wonders.


Flexible claw gripper
(source: homedepot.com)

Flexible claw gripper for reaching small items in tight spaces

  • I've updated my post slightly to make it clearer, the obstacle is jammed in tight. I have been whaking at it with a chisel and hammer, and it won't move ! – MyDaftQuestions Jan 10 '16 at 14:57

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