I've looked everywhere locally for a replacement shower stop and cannot find the right now. This is from an old shower (about 20 years). I've attached photos that show the size on top of a ruler.

The wide part is about 7/8" diameter, the narrow part is about 5/8". The hole in the center is about 3/8" diameter. It's plastic, and about 1/8" in thickness.

Any ideas? I'd really rather not replace the entire cartridge for this one small part, since that would involve taking out tile, etc....



wide view narrow view


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I'd say Screw It. That is, I haven't found any glue to be permanent & have had fantastic results only with screws. Screws for plastic that are coarse threaded are the best. Find tiny screws, coarse or fine thread, & pre-drill homes for them slightly tinier than the screw's threads, you'll need a precision or eyeglasses screw driver to seat them...I'd do both the crack & the split. And, still crazy glue it just before your screws re-join everything for a good as or better than new stop. Then, you'll also have a solid part to even make a joint compound mold & make your own new stop...it's just plastic & any PVC or ABS would do. I'd even bet you could quite easily make your own out of a thick metal washer with some very careful jig-sawing & drilling, it ain't gotta be pretty it just needs to last.

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