LPG filling stations fit forklift tank filler valve threads (1-3/4 ACME) not standard 20lb BBQ tanks threads. The 20lb BBQ threads are male 1-5/16″ ACME (OPD) threads, however most adaptors fit on the inside like this device designed to refill 1lb tanks from a standard 20lb:
enter image description here Where can an adapter be found to simulate a forklift tank filler valve?

  • Just another question where OP's location may be of help. I know of somewhere in UK that probably makes just what you need.
    – Tim
    Feb 4, 2023 at 15:11

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If I understand correctly you want to adapt a 1" P.O.L. to a 1-3/4 ACME so that you can fill your BBQ propane tank with a different connector.

In that case you'd want something like this.

adapter picture
(source: ebayimg.com)

1-3/4" ACME to 1" POL Adapter

If you do get something like this, make sure it comes preassembled, or assemble carefully with yellow teflon or propane rated pipe dope.

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    You are right, The 1" POL end fits inside and the 1-3/4" ACME is the Forklift tank threads. 1-5/16″ ACME (OPD) is what a standard BBQ has.
    – Dale
    Jan 19, 2016 at 18:56

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