I'm making a desk lamp using a single dimmable A19 7w LED. My questions:

  1. What kind of dimmer/potentiometer can I use?

  2. Can I simply run an extension-type cord from the A19 bulb socket/base into a 110V wall outlet, or is there something special (e.g., power supply) needed?

  3. Is there a newb-friendly resource for learning how to do these relatively simple electronics projects?

Thanks in advance!

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an a19 has an e26 base, so its designed to operate on line voltage. so you need to have a dimmable led bulb with an e26 base. dimming will have to be done with a proper ul listed dimmer switch in an appropriate metal device box. you cannot use a potentiometer for this. you do not need a power supply if the bulb is designed for line voltage. you can find hundred of videos on this sort of stuff on youtube or you can try www.make.com

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