I have a job scheduled that involves getting a house ready to sell. The customer wants it cleaned and polished as she is putting it on the market. It's a 3 story 1950's era house that has a lot of glass windows and doors (a lot). The windows are original single-pane casement. Every one has mullions that divide the pane into single panes (about 12" x 12"). I have to clean every window. What is the fastest way to accomplish this? I've heard newspaper can be substituted for paper towels?

  • I used to clean my car windows with newspaper and it works well, but I'd be worried about the ink on the paint of the mullions. Glass cleaning microfiber is a good option, or unprinted newsprint.
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Black ink newspapers work but they are messy and difficult.

If you have a lot of glass to do, duplicate how the professionals do it. They use dishwashing liquid solution (not an ammonia based glass cleaner like *%$dex). They use a soft absorbent scrubber (you could use a soft sponge mop maybe?), then they use a good quality squeegee to remove the grimy liquid from the glass. Follow that up with a quick dry rag wipe of the edges and corners.

You might think about blasting all the windows with a water stream first, to remove as much loose dirt from the sashes and mullions as you can.


Coffee filters work like newspaper without the ink.



I used those bottles of cleaner from HD that attach to your hose. It pre-soaks, cleans and rinses. I usually do that for the windows I can't reach and I don't even have to wipe dry. Hardly any spots.


It is good to use a squeegee to clean the window. It is easy and takes a short period of time to clean as clear as a crystal

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