My electrical box has 14 awg wires and I have a 12 awg copper ground wire lying around. Can I use the 12 awg copper or do I need to get a 14 gauge?

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Should be fine. If it's just pigtails in the box it won't even affect your fill, IIRC. If you are running 12Ga ground wire (not just in-box pigtails) you do have to allow for it in box volume calculations, but it would rarely cause a problem since the equipment grounding conductor is only counted once for box fill.

  • I plan on putting three ground wires from the 3 switches into a twist nut and then pigtailing the extra copper ground to the metal electric box.
    – naloa
    Nov 26, 2015 at 22:05

No problem. Just make sure all the terminals are rated for 12 AWG, and any connectors are sized to accept the number and size of wires being connected.

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