Last season I picked up these vinyl slide-on door bottoms that you slide onto the bottom of the door and screw in. They worked great on all of my doors except this one that has about a half inch of space between the door bottom and the threshold.

Here you can see that a children's book fits under the door: book fits under door

I would like to fix this problem without purchasing a new door. It looks like the door is possibly not tall enough?

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    Install it lower?
    – isherwood
    Nov 25, 2015 at 15:56

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Either replace the vinyl slide on bottom with a brass one that is taller, or

  • unhang the door by taking it off of its hinges.
  • Put a 1/2" strip of wood on the bottom (glue works nicely)
  • Repaint the door
  • Install the door bottom
  • Re-hang the door

Or get a sweep with larger "brushes"; for wide gaps I favor something like enter image description here (They're available in both kerf-mounted and screw-on styles.)


If installing longer sweeps won't work consider these alternatives: 1) install an appropriate sized threshold to fill the space or 2) nail a filler strip to the door bottom that is sized to the gap and than install the door bottom.

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