My Whirlpool washing machine died today. The control panel lights are unresponsive, so it looks like there's a problem with its electricals. The socket works, and the troubleshooting manual mentions the fuse.

I've removed the top panel of the machine. Is there an electrical fuse here somewhere?

The washer is a Whirlpool AA600 AWO/R5040

I've had great difficulty finding technical manuals for this washer so I'm sorry for posting a trivial question.

enter image description here


I found one version that has the fuse in the cord cap (at the prongs under a cover). It was a UK style plug, not the U.S. style. What is your location in the world?

Unplug and look between the prongs. There should be a small access door/plastic cover for the fuse. I did find a manual download link. Check the last page for the pic of the plug/fuse.

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  • Greece, EU. Should be pretty similar. – Dimitris Sfounis Nov 25 '15 at 14:42

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