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I'm trying to connect the phone lines in my new home. I have 2 lines given by my phone provider arriving downstairs in the apartment:

enter image description here

Then I have 2 RJ11 cables plugged into to the connections shown above which send the lines upstairs. However upstairs no connection has been made, I just have the 2 line cables. This is the connection I bought:

enter image description here

Now here are my questions:

Q1: Do you confirm that on the above pictures, holes 1-8 at the top are for the left-hand connection, and holes 1-8 at the bottom are for the right-hand connection?

Q2: Do I need to connect my white/blue wires back into the same holes, or do I need to change their position somehow?

FYI If I connect my modem directly to either of the connections shown in 1st picture, my internet works, so I know those lines are good :)

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