I need to do some work behind the shower tub valve buthadno idea how to remove this one. I only found two screws one the back panel but the panel is still blockedby the handle. I can't find anyway to remove the handle. I didn't find any screws for the handle. And twist g the handle itself won't loose it either. Any input is deeply appreciated.9

enter image description here


Figured it out from a similar product manual. The little cap on the top can come off. The screw is hidden inside...


And when you go to re-install the back plate it would be wise to apply a thick continuous bead of clear (or matching colored) silicone caulking to the back edge. Leave a 1/2 inch break at the bottom for drainage. Your tub spout opening underneath the valve needs to be sealed as well. Check the showerhead while you are there.

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