I am looking for a way to remove the protective sheath from a length of multicore mains electrical cable. It's rated for outdoor use and is VERY strong. Without butchering my fingers; trying to fine cut it with a utility knife and without cutting into the hot wire insulation (and exposing the bare copper) in the process. I've already made 4 such errors and inflicted 2 knife cuts.

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I've usually had good luck with a decent quality wire stripper with NM sheathing cutters. After you clamp down on the cable you just have to pull a lot harder than on NM to break the last bits of sheathing that go around the ground. I have something similar to this:

enter image description here

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Stripping UF is a bear. The usual NM strippers won't work for me, you'll nick the wires. Luckily, there is a stripper made for the task:

Ideal Industries UF Stripper 45-235

Ideal Industries UF Stripper 45-235

Unfortunately, it isn't cheap. Costs less than losing a finger though.


I'm a little unsure as to why you're doing a lot of stripping on wire you apparently want to keep using, but no matter.

I use an olfa brand knife (box cutter with a blade you can extend a variable distance) with the blade out 1/16".

Olfa knife

You can grip the nose of the knife between thumb and forefinger and use your fingers to ride the crown of the wire. Try to set the wire on something solid so your other hand isn't in the way. Once you've scored the sheathing, you can usually pull it apart either by hand or with pliers.



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KINCROME K4001 - Stock Photo


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KINCROME K4001 - Cuts & Crimp KINCROME K4001 - Grip & Strip KINCROME K4001 - Strip & Quit

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