I recently bought a house, after years in a flat. Many things are novel to me, especially the heating system. The digital thermostat is of an unknown brand, the former owner could not tell me (I suspect he did not use it), and I am looking for a user manual. It looked like a Häger screen to me, so I sent them, and they answered it was not.

Do these pictures ring a bell to someone who could help me find the model? Top-left: view without the slidable panel to uncover the buttons; Top-right: slidable panel turned +90° (probably a sticker made for the French); Bottom-right: inside view; Bottom-left: zoom on the printed circuit.

Home Thermostat


The model is a "Thermostat programmable hebdomadaire castorama", as shown in the below image (found on the Internet). A closely-related manual (not the exact model, but the same functionalities) used to be available under address http://www.castorama.fr/media_aux/810203_a1.pdf, but not anymore. My own copy is here.

Thermostat programmable hebdomadaire castorama


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