I am looking at these drywall clips made for supporting drywall edges that would normally require a piece of 2x lumber (nailer) to support the edges. I have a couple ideas on using blocking but it makes my stud cavities cluttered and less insulated. It also means I would have 3 plates at the top of my wall in some areas. So I was wondering how well the clips work that big box stores sell?


Use them as described by the maker of the clips, they will save you money and give you a better insulation job. Be sure the corners are straight and true before the nails are set in place to hold the edges.


Drywall clip

In my experience, drywall clips, like the one pictured above, work very well. Butt joints using these clips are better than putting the joint over a stud or ceiling joist, because the clip draws the panels in a little to help conceal the taping job. If you do a good job of taping with paper tape, there will be no difference in strength.

They are especially good to use on ceilings, because it saves the awkwardness of trimming the drywall to meet in the middle of a joist.

Make sure you use fine-thread drywall screws with the clips and follow instructions.

I bought my clips online. When I later saw them in a big-box store, I noticed that they were much more expensive than online.

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