I want to remove the beeswax that has been rubbed into my kitchen countertops and refinish them with with Waterlox tung oil and sealer. how do you remove beeswax from countertop?

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Start with a wax stripper chemical such as you would use on floors. Use a "Scotch-brite" pad to assist with removal of old stubborn wax. Dry with rags then clean with mineral spirits. Follow that when dry with a thorough sanding with successively finer grit papers, ending with very fine (600). Then finish as desired.


I've also used a putty knife to gently scrape off the areas where the wax is heaviest. Once the large amounts of residue are gently removed, I've used a wax stripper, scotch bright, and then sand paper. Goof off may work as well but has an odor that is a bit strong.

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