Can I wire a ceiling fan remote receiver's white neutral (to control the fan speed with the remote) AND the white neutral for the light to the same white (neutral) from the house? House wiring: Black to remote black, Red to fan light & White to both neutrals from remote & light. There are two wall light switches, one that powers the Red and the other that powers the Black Will this wiring configuration cause any problems?

  • I went ahead and wired it so the remote took power from the black (hot) & white (neutral) house wires, I wired the black (motor) wire from the remote to the black (fan) wire on the fan, and the white (neutral) wire from the remote to the white (neutral) wire on the fan. I wired the red house wire directly to the blue (fan light). All worked fine. – Abel Garcia Sep 30 '15 at 18:49

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