My X10 system is on its last legs. I don't have any functional programmers. I can not find the programming sheet for the TWM4 (or IMX10). There is a way of programming it using a mains switch. I have done it before. Does any one have the information for toggles on the mains line to program it ?

  • Codes for House Number
  • Codes for Unit Number
  • Codes for functions
  • Codes for options
  • The first search result for "TWM4" has the manual available to download (source: intellihome.be/en/x10-twm4-imx10-micromodule.html) – gregmac Sep 22 '15 at 14:32
  • @gregmac, Thanks but I already have at least half a dozen different copies of manuals that I downloaded before I posted the question. But none of them mention this. They are also for newer models/versions. I realise now that I should have mentioned that in my question. I am selling the house so I don't want to put money into it. But I have to provide an implied warranty that everything works. I may just have to rip it out and mount switches at inconvenient locations (rather than a central point). – Rohit Gupta Sep 22 '15 at 20:47

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