The float in the image is in a cistern. Sometimes it jams right at the top so the water keeps on filling and doesn't stop. Is there a way to lubricate or fix this type of float to prevent it from jamming in the last quarter inch?

enter image description here


A new fill valve costs about $10, so it's probably more cost effective to simply replace it.


Toilet supply

  • Turn off the water to the toilet using the shutoff valve
  • Hold the flush lever on the toilet down (not pictured), until nearly all the water has drained from the tank.
  • Remove the supply line from the fill valve, by turning the nut anticlockwise.
  • Place a bucket under the fill valve (where you just removed the supply line from).
  • Remove the retaining nut from the fill valve, by turning it anticlockwise.

toilet tank

  • Remove the refill tube from the overflow tube.
  • Lift the fill valve out of the tank.


  • Follow the installation instructions included with the new fill valve.

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