I have a Whirlpool GR448LXPQ Electric Oven/Stove.

When the timer is set, it counts down to 0, then shows end, but it doesn't beep. The beeper, however, does work when pressing the buttons. I was wondering whether there is something I can do to fix it?



The beeper may simply have been turned off. Try pressing and holding COOK TIME for 5 seconds to turn tones on, and Snd ON will appear on the display. (This is from the Owner Manual.)


What I did was turn off the oven at the main fuse box, left it for a few minutes then switched it back on. The oven had reset itself and the beeper now works.


I just pressed and held the clock setting button and followed instructions to set the beep. I had inadvertently turned it off previously when I changed the time from daylight savings time.


my GE had the same problem not sure if it'll help. But I pushed the bake button then pushed the timer button without pressing the start button. by doing this the beeping sound came back. I did that by mistake just doing stuff and that worked for my oven timer to get it's sound back.

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    I'm glad you got it figured out! Since that sounds like it might be specific to your model of oven, you could consider posting a new question and checking the "share your knowledge, Q&A style" box so you can answer your own question. – Cullub Mar 14 '17 at 18:34

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