Over the years I've had several local HVAC companies provide seasonal maintenance of the heat pumps and propane furnace in my house. It seems that every technician--even within the same company--does different things. One tested a capacitor. Another hosed out the compressors outside. Some open the air handler up and vacuum it. They all clean the burners, check/clean the filters, and make sure the condensation drain is clear. What should they be doing each visit?

  • The variation in tasks might be explained by indications the technician observes: dirty indoor coils? Clean them. Noisy outdoor fan? Clean and lubricate. Or it could be differences in training and company philosophy. – wallyk Sep 11 '15 at 19:31

Your list is pretty good. Check/clean flame, filters, condensation drain and coils. I would also listen for abnormal noise and check both cooling and heating performance by measuring the indoor and outdoor temperature splits. I would not go measuring capacitors unless I suspected a failure.

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