When we put a tile floor in the shower we use a drain with a strainer. Screwing the strainer off to replace, I found 3"of standing water at the bottom of the pipe. There was a little ring of mold on the vertical pipe, but the water was clean. Was this 2nd floor shower plumbed correct?

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Yes, it's a trap for your shower, just like you have a trap under your sink. The P trap prevents sewer gases from coming back into the home, which would smell, and possibly cause a methane explosion.

  • It's possible that in other houses/installations the traps are further downstream in the plumbing so it's less obvious. In this case, it's right up next to the shower. Sep 9, 2015 at 14:27

One quick question how many inches below the tub drain level is the water? This will help me determine whether it is just simply water that is normally in the P trap or whether the water is higher maybe indicating some sort of blockage or clog but not totally clogged or blocked.

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