This is the plug/socket:

enter image description here

Between one line and neutral, I get 120v. Between the other line and neutral, I get nothing. However, when I go between the line and the line, I get 97 volts. (I'm testing this at the end of a wire hooked to my drier, the prongs on my multimeter won't go that deep.)

Also, this is my multimeter and I tried on the 200 and 600 range on the top left quadrant of the circle. I am also in the last 2 ports (left to right).

Edit: I did check continuity between the prongs and the ends of the wires, everything checks out.


You have one open hot leg. You are getting the 97 volts because you are checking from a live hot to one with a load on it and you are reading through the load, which is why you are getting a weird reading.

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