I live in a home built in the 1930s. The bathroom has been poorly remodeled at least twice. At the last remodel, before I moved in, the work wasn't finished. Within the shower everything is fine, but the paint on the arched wall on the shower/tub's exterior, which was left exposed at the last remodel, is bubbling away because of moisture. I've recently tested this area and found that it has traces of lead.

Wall - Bubbling Paint

I am looking for a solution to seal the exposed section of wall without disturbing the lead paint. I don't have a true HEPA shopvac, which I feel prevents me from dealing with the lead paint and taking this wall down to the surface and starting from scratch. I won't be living in this home more than another year and I don't have a lot of experience doing DIY work. Would using a sealer like Zinsser Gardz work? The aesthetics of the fix don't matter - my only concern is preventing further disturbance or pulverization of the lead paint.

There is a section of this wall that is covered in broken plaster. Would finishing up the wall with some type of plaster repair compound do the trick?

Broken plaster

I'm looking for solutions that I could implement myself. If this isn't possible and this is a problem a professional should tackle, I will take that under consideration.

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I was researching exactly the same thing and came across a few products that does not require you to scrape the paint off.

EcoBond - you paint the surface and it will react with the lead.

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