My Kohler toilets have tank number K-4634-AA. I think it is a discontinued model in the Cimarron family. I want to install a flushmate on one toilet to see if the bowl cleans better when flushing. I'm unable to determine what flushmate model to purchase. The flushmate site is not straightforward. One site I visited mentioned a flushmate model for all two-piece toilets, with a couple of exceptions. I need advice on this. If possible I would like to order something online today.

  • The page at flushmate.com/helparea says a flushmate cannot be added to an existing toilet, but must be made for flushmate. Too bad. I will wait for someone to confirm. Commented Aug 22, 2015 at 21:28

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These are the Kohler models that a Flushmate will fit:

Kohler Worldwide BARRINGTON™ PRESSURE LITE® K-3578 Two-Piece Elongated Raised Rim Floor Mount, Rear Outlet

Kohler Worldwide HIGHLINE® PRESSURE LITE® K-3519 Two-Piece Elongated Raised Rim Floor Mount, Floor Outlet

Kohler Worldwide SAN RAPHAEL™ COMFORT HEIGHT™ PRESSURE LITE® K-3597 One-Piece Elongated Raised Rim Floor Mount, Floor Outlet


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