Is there a special name for a corner brace which has the countersink on opposite sides? That being that on one leg of the "L" the countersink is on the side pointing out of the angle, where on the other leg it's pointing in? While searching I've only been able to find corner braces with the countersink on the inside of the "L", and I have a feeling it may just not be called a corner brace in other situations (as you probably wouldn't place it in a corner with such a countersink).

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    A picture or two would go a long ways toward helping to illustrate what you are asking about. I pretty much got lost trying to navigate your paragraph. – Michael Karas Aug 20 '15 at 3:05
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    Why not buy a metal bracket and use a countersink on the requisite hole? – BrownRedHawk Aug 20 '15 at 17:23

I'm going to guess, but it might be an 'outside corner bracket'? You could modify a standard corner brackets countersunk openings by using a countersunk bit on the reverse-side of the bracket.


Here are a few you might find use for:


FOUR Mending Plate - you bend, cut or shape these to your design. They come in all lengths & are readily available at Home Improvement stores, Hardware stores & Variety store's hardware aisles.

Corner Braces

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