Chlorine feeder cap broke while attempting to remove it. Pool had been shut off for 2 weeks. It feels like there is a vacuum inside the feeder. I used a 2x4 across the cap fins for leverage, but one fin broke off. I also broke the PVC fittings connected to the feeder. Cap didn't come off yet. How do I get rid of the suction? I tried everything I read on this post so far.


I found one answer to my own question today. Although I still don't know why the cap was so tight I managed to remove it. At first I used a 2x4 across the cap top and a rubber strap wrench to hold the feeder from turning. But I broke all 4 cap fins plus the pvc fittings which were connected to the feeder. Then I removed the feeder and placed it in a vise on my work bench. That made me nervous as I was trying not to crack the feeder body. But the cap came off with a strap wrench, finally. I am still curious to know why the cap was so tight. It felt like a vacuum even after I loosed a bleeder on top of my cartridge filter, I loosened the basket lid on my pool pump, and I removed the broken pvc fittings and any plug I could find on the feeder. The cap was always tight for 12 years but never like this time. Go figure.

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  • I'd like to thank Jimmy Fix it for his post. Yes, I agree that I should not have a vacuum with all the stuff I disconnected. So, what would make the cap more stubborn this time than the last 12 years? – Joe Aug 9 '15 at 3:25

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