I'm trying to fix a rail and bracket type of shelf this one to be precise.

Having a plasterboard wall, I picked self expanding nylon dowels like this.

My problem is, the rail being U shaped, as soon as I screw, the dowel is pulled out from the wall instead of expanding into it, as expected o_O How should I proceed.


The best drywall anchors are toggle bolts. Those plastic things are for hanging pictures (if that; throw them away). Use the metal kind if you must.

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    thx, I used metal ones, and hopefully, the shelf is standing still :)"read head" market them as vix. – yota Jul 26 '15 at 13:54

Can you slip a small screwdriver through the slot to hold the expansion piece into place until the screw expands it enough to stay in place on its own?

Otherwise, maybe you can find a small metal spacer to slide on the screw behind the bracket to help hold the expansion piece while you tighten the screw:

enter image description here

(image from TwistedThrottle.com)

A stack of small washers might also work.

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