What is recommended for Connecting 1" Schedule 80 PVC threaded fittings to prevent leaks. I have tried pipe dope, but leaks developed between nipples and elbows. Do you have any suggestions.


We use liquid sealant all the time with great success at 1-1/2" diameter and less.

  • Make sure you are coating the threads completely and evenly.

  • Some dopes require coating both male and female ends over certain sizes.

  • Maybe try a different brand.

  • Might just use teflon tape instead.

  • Plumber we know for a large local company uses teflon (to seal) and pipe dope (to lubricate) at the same time although we do not practice the same.

  • If these don't work, look at your threads and make sure they do not have a scratch or nick in them.

  • I've had the best success so far with "PTFE pipe dope" (which is to say, try a different brand and or type, yes.)
    – Ecnerwal
    Jul 15 '15 at 0:07

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