I want to stain my deck with an oil based stain it is to be hot and sunny all day today 85 for a high and has been dry for last 3 days tomorrow's forecast say 70% chance of rain should I do this or put off again. I've had my stain since Memorial Day and we haven't had a dry stretch of more than 2 days in which we needed time for the deck to dry to even consider doing the job.

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Most oil-based deck stains need at least 24 hours of dry time. High humidity and/or low temperatures will increase that time, so will over-applying the stain. I would not apply it unless I was fairly confident that I had at least 48 hours with no rain. Better to wait.


If conditions are hot and dry, my experience is 24 hours is plenty. As long as it is dry to the touch you should be ok. A quick note on the stain itself. Two years ago I discovered Behr Deckover. This product is more expensive than traditional stains and goes on thick. However, after two years not a crack or blemish. Looks like it was just applied. The mfgr claims crack free for 11 years. Well worth the trip.

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