I bought from Home Depot a Glacier faucet that comes with 3/8 inch O.D. supply tubes. The supply lines from the wall have an outer diameter of 1/2 inches though. How do I connect the two?

enter image description here

This seems like a common enough question, but searching for "connector" I could only find this connector on Home Depot's site, which is from 3/8" to "M22". I'm not sure why "M22" is called that way, but its diameter is apparently 14mm, which isn't exactly 1/2".

Brass nipples on Home Depot's site seem to come only in the same diameter on both ends, e.g. 1/2".

(As you might suspect, I'm originally from Europe and have quite a bit of disdain for the imperial system and the US hanging on to it when the entire rest of the world uses metric.)


You need a brass connector. "1/2" female iron pipe" (1/2" FIP) is the size of the female connector on the end of the hose coming out of the sink plate in your picture; "3/8" female compression" is the size of the connector on the end of the hose coming out of the faucet in your picture. You need a 1/2" MIP (male iron pipe) X 3/8" male compression adapter. Super common at any hardware store, er... should I say "ironmonger shop"? enter image description here

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    "Iron Pipe" sizes are also called National Pipe Taper (NPT), and male / female may be labeled MPT or FPT, respectively. – Hank Jul 5 '15 at 17:48
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    @Henry Jackson, thanks I should have thought to mention that. Very common to see the same size referenced with NPT. Also I should have noted that the picture shows the fitting with a compression nut and ferrule, which would be removed for the OPs purpose. – Jimmy Fix-it Jul 5 '15 at 17:53

I had the same issue. Here is the part I used: WATTS LFA-124. Found it at Home Depot in the aisle with brass fittings.

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