I'm adding subflooring to improve the R value. I have some laminate boards that are damaged, but most seem to be in decent condition.

I'm thinking of saving some money and finding a matching or very similar looking laminate boards. I will use the new pieces in the bedrooms, and the old pieces in the open living room area.

Is it a good idea to reuse these boards? I pulled one piece out and it's dated 2006, so it's likely that it was installed the same year.


As long as the boards come apart without damaging them, and appear to be in good condition with no water damage, sure!


It depends on what type of flooring it is. If you have a floating floor, then yes they can be reused. A floating floor is one that snaps together and is not nailed or glued down.

  • If they can be removed relatively undamaged what does it matter if they were glued or nailed down? (Granted the odds of getting glued down stuff up with no problems is unlikely) – James Jun 26 '15 at 14:13

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