Does anyone know how to release this little screw driver bit from the chuck? Pulling the chuck out to release doesn't work and I can't grab it with pliers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Yes I know...I should have used a bit extender.

enter image description here


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Yeah, you're going to have to pull the black knurled collar forward to release the ball detent holding the bit into the impact driver.

Were it me, I'd look for a powerful magnet to touch the bit to while I pull the collar forward.


While holding the chuck's retention collar in the release position and with the bit pointed downward...

  • Tap on the chuck with another metal tool.

  • Install a matching screw onto the bit and use it to turn and jiggle the bit, pulling gently.

  • Bond a screw to the bit with super glue and pull it out.

  • Heat the inner chuck part with a flame to expand the bore.

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