I know that indoor humidity should be <60%. If it is 80% for a week due to a week of rain, is this a problem, if when it stops raining it returns to 50-60%? The house is in PA, where humidity is not always a problem (like FL), but we have had very high levels outside for a week.

  • Doors and wooden cabinets could get sticky for a while. The problems usually fix themselves once the humidity goes back down. Jun 15, 2015 at 2:34

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Above 60%, mold spores multiply and people with respiratory issues become uncomfortable. It should go back down soon with no major issues other than a slight permanent increase in the amount of musty smells in the house when all the windows are closed due to the new mold spores. Don't let it stay above 80% for extended periods of time, though. If you're bothered, run your AC or use a dehumidifier.

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