The pipe connecting my shower head to the wall has broken off. I removed the head and tried to remove the theaded pipe but the potruding metal broke off completely. Is there anyway to remove the part that's still stuck without drilling the wall and replace the pipe? Landlord would kill me for that.


There is a tool that will remove the pipe. It works on the inside of the pipe so it needs none of the pipe to grab onto. This one set may work, but this is the type I think is more reliable.

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Is it actually pipe thats left in the wall? This happened in my bathroom but it was actually just a cheap piece of PVC type plastic made to look like metal that broke off. If it is actually the cheap plastic, we cut it very carefully with a hack saw blade taken out of the actual hacksaw. The blade itself is small enough to fit in the space and we did two cuts (at about 4:30 and 7:00 positions if you look at it and pretend it's a clock). Just go slow and easy. It won't take to much extra time to go slow. You will be able to take it out in two pieces or three. Good luck. If it was plastic, opt for the new metal piece when you replace it!

  • Thanks. It's actually metal unfortunately. I tried cutting it with a saw blade as you said but only some kind of gray coating come off. I wonder if there's some kind of tool that can be inserted and expanded inside so we can turn it like a screw to remove. I remember seeing that kind of tool but don't know what it's called. – Van May 26 '15 at 6:59

Just had this same problem with irrigation in front yard. I can't think of its generic name but it's also called a nipple extractor. You can get a set at Lowes or Home Depot for 20-30. See YouTube video and how to do it: http://youtu.be/8Wns8rs1mVc


Had the same problem before. What i did was to use a hachsaw blade. I made 2 cuts about 5 mm apart and remove that part tapping it with small screw driver and hammer. You can now remove the rest of embedded part by tapping. Make sure that you dont damage the pipe thread.It will take some time to cut with a hacksaw blade.

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