I have a GE french door refrigerator with freezer on the bottom. I have seen it make 2 batches of ice. I have seen it only when I left the fridge door open for awhile when I was trying to figure out what was going on with the ice maker and when I tried defrosting the fridge (from the link below). Which leads me to believe that the arm is trying to push the ice out but it cant until maybe the ice melts a little bit. Does this make since? Ive never fixed an ice maker and I'm not sure how to fix it. The ice maker is a closed box and Im not familiar with how to diagnose the problem.

I read this and tried defrosting my fridge but that did not work. Why does my ice maker make a knocking sound and not produce ice?

This is what is making the clicking sound. I tried using a blow dryer to this device specifically and still does not work. Although it did make 1 batch of cubes... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41EA6wxVHmL.jpg

  • Happens all the time. Hit it with a hair dryer until the ice melts enough and scoop it out. arm should turn over and start making ice again. – gbronner May 19 '15 at 17:27
  • This did not work :( I edited the post to reflect it – John Pollard May 20 '15 at 13:50
  • Another thing that causes it to grind is that if you over-pack your freezer and it accidentally shreds a plastic bag and engorges it, it can grind away for a while. – gbronner May 20 '15 at 13:59
  • But the ice maker is not in the freezer, its in the top left door of the refrigerator. The freezer is on the bottom. So that shouldn't happen right? I feel like its the arm that pushes the ice out of the actual ice maker unit(picture link of unit in question description). But im not even sure theres an arm in the ice maker! I dont know how to pull it out to check it. – John Pollard May 20 '15 at 14:16
  • I've seen it where a chunk of ice will get stuck and freeze in the icemaker, or in the tray that collects the ice, preventing it from making and pushing out ice. Usually, you can open the cover / pull out the tray and clear out the jam. – ventsyv May 20 '15 at 19:37

I pulled the ice maker out and pulled the top off of it. I then plugged it back in to the refrigerator without the top and watched the arm struggle with pushing the ice out. Given that I read that ice makers are not serviceable I purchased one of amazon for $95. I now have ice again!

  • After I replaced the ice maker I was only making about 1 batch of ice a day. I eventually had to change the speed of water that was coming out of the refrigerator. In my case the water came out too fast. By changing the lever on the wall where the water line was hooked up I was able to finally fix it. I know have more ice than I know what to do with. Hope that helps! – John Pollard Jul 6 '15 at 15:33

We also used a blow dryer to melt the ice some. This worked beautifully. The gear box immediately stopped clicking.

  • Welcome to the site. Answer posts are reserved for solutions to the question, and the intent is that each answer provide a solution that has not already been presented. The question mentions the hair dryer trick and that it wasn't successful. So a post saying that it worked in your own case isn't really a solution or a potential solution that has not already been mentioned. – fixer1234 Dec 4 '17 at 4:44

My fridgidaire was doing the same. I used a hair dryer and nothing. I turned water off and unplugged. I took the ice maker out and the white plastic fingers on both ends were bent inwards, blocking it from moving. I could not unbend them enough so I ended up trimming them slightly. All hooked up and working fine.enter image description here

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